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Figproxy: A Free and Open Tool to Connect Figma and Arduino

Figproxy enables rapid prototyping of tangible user experiences by allowing Figma prototypes to talk to the external world. This article dives into what it is and why I made it.
May 6, 2024
min read

Poetic Algorithms

Emotional Resonance in AI-Generated Film and Sound
Dec 12, 2023
min read

Thomas Overthun Looks Back at 30 Years at IDEO

Grishma Rao talks with Thomas Overthun about his design legacy
Nov 28, 2023
min read

How do we discover new things?

Letting in the angels, spirits, subconscious, muses and dreams
Nov 7, 2023
min read

Can You Create A Renaissance?

Thinking about the conditions for creativity to thrive
Oct 30, 2023
min read

5 Creative Exercises from the Surrealists

There is more to surrealism than Salvador Dali's mustache or people wearing lobsters on their heads. The movement, started one hundred years ago, was founded on the idea that creativity could be accessed by lessening the controls of the conscious brain, and giving free rein to the unconscious. Today's neuroscience supports their thinking: There is evidence that imagination and day-dreaming takes place when we are not focusing our conscious attention.
Dec 7, 2016
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