There’s a little-known fact about Kit Kat bars.

You see, Kit Kat manufacturers leave no Kit Kat uneaten. If a certain Kit Kat isn’t up to the Kit Kat standard of excellence, it will get lumped in with all the other imperfect Kit Kats, ground into a paste, and used to fill the wafers of other Kit Kats.

In other words, imperfect Kit Kats are filled with other imperfect Kit Kats, some of which will go on to create other Kit Kats. It’s Kit Kat Inception, if you will.

IDEO is a bit like a Kit Kat bar.

At our core—our crispy, chocolatey center—we make great work for clients. We’re privileged to use creativity and irrational optimism to help our clients solve some of the trickiest problems in the world.

And at our edges, there are the experiments that make that gooey center even more rich and tasty. If creativity is our business, curiosity is our fuel. Our MO is to turn a problem into a question. To turn a challenge into an opportunity. To attempt to turn lead into gold and—through the imperfect and unproven process of alchemy—end up with Kyber crystal.

EDGES is a new collaborative publishing platform—created by IDEO & our partners at Storipress. A space to help us dive down rabbit holes, explore shared passions and questions, and get ideas out in the world in earlier, less processed states. A preprint for design.

And, in time, the ideas and questions we generate will combine with other ideas and questions, ground into a delicious Kit-Kat-esque paste, used to further important conversations with design at the center.

May our curiosity compel us.

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